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Staging Planner

As Home Stager your deliver well-planned and well-styled homes to your clients, resulting in successful sales. But we know that successful staging requires a lot of work, logistics and organization. That's why we decided to create a working tool designed exclusively to fulfill the needs of a Home Stager. The Staging Planner allows you to manage all aspects of your business.
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  • Inventory overview
  • Create and print items/projects list
  • Item history and reports
  • Manage your Workflow
  • Receive schedule and deadlines alerts
  • Keep track of your Finances

01. Efficiency and organization

Gain the ability to perform tasks with minimum waste of time and maximum organization;

02. Streamlining and facilitating

Simplify the process of accomplishing your tasks/projects will become less complicated, and your working method will become faster;

03. Management

Keep all the aspects of your business well managed, knowing exactly where your items are and your numbers. Use the tools and the statistics that the Staging Planner puts at your disposal and use it at your favor.

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