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Easy. Functional. Efficient.

This planner was designed and developed for an intuitive use, being effortlessly operated by any user. 

With Staging Planner's numerous functions and tools, you can control all aspects of your business on a single screen. Gain efficiency by having a complete view of your projects and your profits.



Your Personalized Dashboard

See in what stage your projects are at. You will be able to watch your Task Calendar, receive Deadline Alerts, your Projects, your Cash Flow and your Business Statistics.

Your Projects

Create and customize your work projects, placing important information such as: Project Status, Staging and DeStaging Dates, Project Value, Location, Budget, Project Planning, as well as Billing.

Print Lists.png

Download/Print Your Lists

Get your planning lists printed.
Having lists of items to be transported to a project is a way of controlling whether everything you need is already prepared. The lists on paper is also an asset to control Destaging and ensure that all your articles are there.

Your Inventory

Organize your items in the most efficient and organized way. Upload a photograph for each Item and give them an identification number. You can give each item the name you want, and define how much it will be the leasing price. You will know were did you buy it from, how much it costed, how many do you have and how many are available. 
When planning for a project you can search items by color, pattern, material and category, in some milliseconds you can see, for example, all the chairs that you have at your disposal.


Customize The Categories

Customize the Staging Planner to your Work Mode. Create the categories that suits you: name the colors, the patterns and the materials just like you want. And you will be able to use the Staging Planner search tool to find what are you looking for, using the names that you have chosen.

Your Clients

Know your Clients!

Keep all the contacts at one place, knowing in which projects did you work together. By having a Client File you know exactly the data to write an invoice. Don't loose time, get organized.


Your Suppliers

Don't loose the best deals! Know where to buy from first. The Suppliers area allows you to save the most important informations, that are decisive when it's time to buy inventory. Besides the Company Informations, you can save the Contact Person and the available Discount Codes. This way, you will always know the current discount and the contact person, and who knows, you can negotiate an even greater discount.

Your Partners

Having a great Network is valuable. Keep the contacts of professionals who work or have worked with you, and that you can trust. Record which area of work they work in and which projects you worked on together. Whenever you need a photographer or a gardener, you easily find his contact.


Your Warehouses 

We know that some Stagers have more than one warehouse, for a variety of reasons. That's why we created this functionality that allows you to identify as many storage locations as you want. This way, you can associate each item with the location where it is actually located. When it's time to gather your items for a project, you'll know where to collect them. You can even check this option to be printed with the items list.




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